“I have been a patient of Dr. John’s for approximately 2 years.  In that time, I have found relief from headaches (migraine, stress, muscle, etc) that I had on a daily basis, and have found relief in a practice that is in tune with every individual patient.  At each visit, his massage therapists ask what’s my main concern for that day and they target it!  I was reluctant to go, as I was a conditioned dancer for over 25 years, and was in denial of my symptoms, aches, and pains, and pulled muscles.  I am grateful that I was convinced to go. I have found chiropractic care and patient care go together hand-in-hand at Enhanced Chiropractic.  I’m not a holistic type of person, but I am a lot happier that going to see Dr. John & staff relieves my symptoms without the need for muscle relaxers and/or pain relievers every day.  If you stress daily, go see Dr. John & staff. You will realize that taking care of yourself will alleviate some of that stress and in turn you will feel happier and healthier!”  –B. McFadden

“I went to see Dr. John after pain that I had always had in my hips seemed to get significantly worse.  Each visit was completely comfortable– the massage therapists were extremely helpful and I always felt relaxed by the time I saw Dr. John.  I asked a lot of questions throughout my treatment and never once felt like I was bothering or inconveniencing him– I was impressed that on my first visit we talked through a treatment plan, and that we actually worked through it and updated it according to my progress and remaining pain regularly, so that I didn’t have to have treatment I didn’t need. After only a few short weeks, I felt a significant decrease in my day-t0-day pain, and after a while, it was gone altogether. I would highly recommend Dr. John and his team at Enhanced Chiropractic to anyone! –K. Reed

“After being in daily pain from sitting and working at a computer everyday and chasing after two kids, visits to Enhanced Chiropractic were the only thing that helped.  After following Dr. John’s plan, I not only felt a difference in the pain I was dealing with, but also in my overall health.” –B. Beecken